Castle Perputxent

Dominating the valley is the fortress located one kilometer before reaching l’Orxa, it is of Muslim origin and date of construction dates from the late twelfth and early thirteenth century. The castle is located on a huge rock in a unique way by the Sierra de la Solana. The highest peak of the strength reaches 380 meters and from it you can see the valley of Perputxent and part of the river Serpis. Today, the fortification has maintained a wall on the east and south side, built with rammed earth masonry, and another shape that protects the top of the hill. Inside the castle remains of rectangular plant and a water tank where the habitable zone in the Muslim period was located appreciated. The fort has three other towers scheme “L”. The west tower is called the “Tribute”. Between it and the south there was a large manor house, the walls of which are preserved.