Chapel of the Old Asylum

Next to the Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Poor and Elderly, an eclectic building from 1880-1881 designed by the architect J. Moltó Valor, a church with neo-medieval tendencies was built between 1891 and 1893, designed by T. Briet Montaud (architect) and J. Vilaplana Carbonell (master builder), who designed the adjacent building for the Chaplain’s House.

The Church was rehabilitated in 2011 by the Foundation of the GV La Luz de las Imágenes, and inside there are two large-format canvases by the painter F. Laporta Valor, dated in 1892.

Currently, the Old Asylum Chapel is a singular municipal space, where plastic arts exhibitions are held all year round. This space seeks to be a reference point for culture in the city by proposing not only exhibitions, but also conferences, round tables, workshops, educational workshops, guided tours … promoting culture in all its manifestations.