Church of the Holy Sepulchre

In 1595 the Patriarch Juan de Ribera laid the first stone of this church and blessed the area of the new temple, which was erected on the site of the chapel open to worship where the Sacred Forms taken from the parish temple of Alcoy were found in 1568.

The façade of this temple is of neoclassical style, and its interior has undergone several reforms, the last one in 1917. Different relics and the image of the Miracle Child Jesus are preserved.

In 1596, the Archbishop of Valencia, Juan de Ribera, established the order of Discalced Augustines and founded this convent. Nowadays the Carmelite nuns Messengers of the Holy Spirit take care of this monastery and the church of the Holy Sepulchre, built to commemorate the “Robbery and Finding of the Sacred Forms” that took place in 1568 on the site that the church currently occupies.

The side façade, in regionalist Baroque style, was designed by Vicente Valls Gadea in 1925.