Conservatorio de Música y Danza Joan Cantó

This is the ancient small palace of textile industrialist Enrique García Peidro, known as “Escaló”. The palace was restored in the 1980s and was made “Joan Cantó” Local Conservatory of Music and Dance.

This building, known as “Casa d’Escaló”, is a remarkable sample of Art Déco architecture designed by Vicente Pascual Pastor (1906-1908).

There are several interesting features on the outside: the rustic ashlars, the latiguillos in ironwork (effect of a ribbon which seems to be flying), the sculpted vegetation, the door and the viewpoints of laminated iron, the winding balconies, the curvilinear finish, etc.

Inside the building, we will find wall paintings, doors and furniture carpentry, capitals of plaster, pieces of pottery, hydraulic pavement floors, etc.