Tourism in Alcoy is very wide and varied throughout the year. Its Moors and Christians Festivals of Alcoy, declared of International Tourist Interest; its centenary Kings Parade of National Tourist Interest and BIIC; its representation of the Bethlehem of Tirisiti, declared an Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest; its Natural Parks of the Font Roja and the Serra de Mariola; or the morality of the Alcoy; there are many reasons why we have heard about the city of Alcoy and many reasons that it offers us throughout the year to let us fall for what is known as “the City of Bridges”.

At the foot of the Natural Parks of Serra de Mariola and Font Roja and near the Cave Paintings of La Sarga, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, between valleys and ravines stands the capital of the region of l’Alcoià. Every step we take through its streets will reveal to us the effort of its people to prosper in an environment of great natural beauty, but also of extraordinary orographic complexity for urban evolution.

Historically, it has been a city with special relevance after the Industrial Revolution in Spain, especially in the textile, metallurgical and paper sectors. As we walk through its historical centre we will discover many traces of what this social change meant. Alcoy is an active part of the European Route of Modernism, a clear and decisive commitment to consolidate this rich and outstanding heritage as a first class tourist reference. Similarly, its Sant Antoni Abat cemetery is included in the European Route of Significant Cemeteries, and its magnificent natural surroundings allow for interesting hiking and cycling routes and even active tourism activities.

But if there is one thing that characterises the people of Alcoy, it is their attachment to their traditions. They take care of every detail so that none of the festivals organised throughout the year goes unnoticed.

And what stands out about the gastronomy of the town that invented the olive stuffed with anchovies? Their dishes are an invitation to sit at the table. We cannot leave without tasting its picadetes; its olleta (stew based on beans, with pencas, pork and black pudding, very appreciated in festivals), the borreta (with potatoes, spinach, cod and egg); the farcida bajoca (peppers stuffed with rice); or accompany a good piece of bread with the typical tapa of the pericana (cold dish based on dried peppers and salted cod).

At the table, in its streets and in its parties, Alcoy always surprises its visitors.

No. of inhabitants: 58.977 (INE 2018)

People: alcoià/alcoiana