Cocentaina has been an enclave occupied by man since ancient times and this is borne out by its rocky shelters with cave paintings, its Muslim heritage in architecture and town planning, such as the Castle, the suburb or the numerous farmhouses; and the later Christian era with the Count’s Palace, churches and castles or the remains of the walls and towers that served as fortifications during that time. While we visit these wonderful monuments we can enjoy the gastronomic richness of Cocentaina with typical dishes such as mentirons, espencat, baked rice or its famous “Mentira” or coffee liqueur drink and the traditional herbero.

To complete the visit to the municipality and soak up its history we can visit the museum located in the Palacio Condal or the archaeological and ethnological museum, as well as enjoy its festivals and traditions such as the Moors and Christians, declared festivals of International Tourist Interest, and which recall the Christian reconquest of Muslim territory. Another important date in the festival calendar of La Contesta is the Fira de Tots Sants, also of International Tourist Interest, one of the oldest fairs in our community.

To relax, there is nothing better than breathing the pure air of its natural environment through its green hiking trails to the Sierra Mariola or climbing the Castell and enjoying the wonderful views of the valley.

N0 Inhabitants: 11.456 (INE 2018)

People: contestà/contestana