Agullent laundry and fountains

Of the three washing places that exist in the town, two are still in very good condition in the old part of Agullent. The upper washhouse can be reached by a walk from the Font Jordana, following the path of the irrigation canal. There an immense roof gives shade and rest to whoever wants to stop and listen to the sound of the water.

Discreet in proportions, the “Llavador d’Enmig” is one of those modest-sized corners, but with a special harmony that can only be generated through natural ingredients, such as water, stone and light. The worn-out stone reminds us of the female hands that used to spend half the morning there among sheets and soaps.

The water of the Font Jordana flows from various points in the historic centre, such as the Font del Convento. The water, which is always cheerful, flows through the subsoil of some old houses, which still have their own washing machines. Then the water goes to the irrigation network, which has recently started to be recovered.