Agullent is unique because its own enclave gives it the charm of living at the foot of the mountains, and that is why it is the starting point for many hiking and mountain bike routes. In fact, the chapel of San Vicente Ferrer is the official information point for the Community of Valencia’s mountain bike network.

This town of Valldalvaidina is located less than an hour from Valencia and Alicante, and is very connected to Gandia and the coast. A sufficient distance to recover the essence of a true Valencian inland town, which maintains a strong link with nature, heritage and traditions. In fact, Agullent hosts, every first Friday of September, one of the oldest night pilgrimages in the Valencian lands. This is the Nit de les Fogueretes, a Festival of Provincial Tourist Interest, where visitors and local people on pilgrimage show off lanterns and “fallas” (torches made of sportins), in memory of the miracle of the plague performed by Saint Vicente Ferrer. The Valencian Dominican, who is the patron saint of the town, is also the main theme of the Moors and Christians fiestas, which are held every year in the week after Easter.

Agullent is calm and the large Font Jordana park is an ideal space for the whole family, as it allows for small excursions to the Fornet de la Nieve, Font Maciana, or beyond, to the Cava de la Pedrera or the Benicadell. In the Font Jordana the water springs up laughing and makes its way through the ditch and washhouses, until it meets in the old Molí Fariner, following the houses in the historic centre.

Despite being a small town, Agullent is known by the surrounding villages for offering an intense cultural programme that provides further encouragement for the visit. This can be consulted in the agenda of the municipal website

No. of inhabitants: 2,413 (INE 2018)

People: Agullentino/Agullentina