Route through water architecture

The abundant water gushing from all sides of the Mariola has led successive generations of the area to develop a range of infrastructure to exploit it to the maximum. Thus, a series of canals, many of them of Arab origin, send the precious liquid to every corner where there is no natural way to irrigate crops, not to mention the extensive network of dams, such as the cave of the Fountain of Alfafara used to store it in times of abundance.

We should mention the big number of sources distributed by both the urban spots and the outskirts. The public washing places are another common installation in the villages of the Mariola Mountain.

Finally, the strength of rivers and streams as Clariano or Vinalopó has historically been the engine of the paper and textile industry in the area. Thus, during their beds all types of mills are distributed evoking an era in which water constituted the only source of energy.