Font del Baladre

The Font del Baladre rest area is located on the course of the Agres river, in the spot known as l’Estret d’Agres. Works have been carried out around the existing fountain, next to the river, always with water, where there is a small dam. The banks of the river are populated with large poplars among which there are holm oaks and pines. This corridor is made up of a characteristic habitat, the riverside area and water areas, and we will also find a great diversity of flora and fauna.

From this place we can observe a magnificent panoramic view of the foothills of the Sierra Mariola, with impressive vertical cuts of great height and beauty.

In this area a path starts parallel to the riverbed and has a route of two kilometers.

The Municipal Natural Park “Font del Baladre-Fontanars-Riu d’Agres”, was declared in 2009 and has an area of 15.31 ha.

The Font del Baladre-Fontanars-Riu d’Agres area corresponds to a stretch of the Agres River, a tributary of the Serpis, as it passes through the municipality of Muro de Alcoy. It is a typical example of a riverbank ecosystem, with characteristic flora and fauna.

As far as the landscape is concerned, from various points in the area there are magnificent panoramic views of the buttresses of the neighbouring Serra Mariola, with impressive, high and beautiful cliffs, among which the view of the Montcabrer stands out, an emblematic peak in the whole region.