When you arrive to do tourism in Banyeres de Mariola we are welcomed by the castle of the town, of Arab origin, which crowns the city giving it a unique medieval charm. Different Arab and Christian constructions such as the Tower of the Font Bona and different hermitages complement the historical wealth of Banyeres de Mariola. Walking through its streets we will find several museums that show us its cultural and industrial activity throughout history, such as the Festive Museum, where we can see the different clothes used for the Moors and Christians festivities from their beginnings; the Paper Museum, the main industrial activity of the place, or the Espadrille Museum where we will learn how these typical Valencian shoes were made.

Banyeres de Mariola is surrounded by nature. We can go into the route of the Molins, and let ourselves be carried away by the sound of the water of the river Vinalopó, besides seeing the water mills built between the XVIII and XX centuries.

And to warm up the body and start the journey, we cannot visit this village and not taste the herb, typical spirit of the area.

No Inhabitants: 7.113 (INE 2018)

Gentilici: banyerenc, banyerenca