Route through the industrial past

From the Middle Ages to the present day, the textile and paper industry has been one of the main economic engines of the villages surrounding the Sierra Mariola. That is why the remains of the old factories and mills are a very important part of the cultural heritage of the area.

In this route we have collected some of the main places of interest. We will be able to know the operation of these old industrial buildings and the relevance that they came to have in the past, the importance of the rivers as a driving force, the influence on the organization of society,…


Main points of interest:

  • In Alcoy there is the Industrial Route, which includes more than 15 buildings related to the industrialization of the city.
  • In Banyeres de Mariola there is also the Mills Route. In addition, you can complement it with a visit to the Paper Museum of Banyeres.
  • In Bocairent, we can visit the Museum of Crafts and Customs, where there is an old loom, which is still in perfect working order.
  • In Agullent, we can visit the Molí Fariner Museum which, although it is more linked to the agricultural world, is also a good example of the use of the force of water as energy to operate the machinery of the mill.
  • And in Muro, we can contemplate “El Fumeral” a slender brick chimney, the only remaining vestige of the time when coal was the energy that moved the world.