Alfafara’s Patron Saint Festivities

The day of the Festivity of the Divine Savior starts before noon with a parade enlivened by a musical band that ends at the doors of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, where the corresponding mass will be offered in honor of the Divine Savior. Afterwards, the bells will ring until the pyrotechnic show takes place in the Eras. Well into the afternoon, the Saviour’s Procession takes place, ending with mass and a firework display.

The day of the Divine Dawn festivity begins with the traditional awakening. During the afternoon, the solemn mass in the church gives way to the Procession of the Divine Dawn that goes through the streets of the town and then the traditional joyful singing takes place.

The Diana de San Roque takes place at the gates at noon, giving way to the Solemn Mass in honour of the patron saint with subsequent parade. At sunset, the San Roque Procession runs through the streets of the village, ending with the traditional chant of the gozos.

After the end of the festival, the day of L’Aixavegó takes place, in which a dinner is held in the town square with a parade by the local music band.

Also, different events enliven the week before the festivities: popular dances, parades, festivals, fancy dress parties and various cultural activities, including the opening speech from the balcony of the town hall, a task entrusted to political personalities.