Archaeological Museum of the Tower of Font Bona (Banyeres de Mariola)

The Archaeological Museum of the Tower of Font Bona, in Banyeres de Mariola, shows a collection of archaeological remains from the Palaeolithic to the modern age. It is located in a 15th century tower. Its interior is structured in four floors.

On the ground floor you can learn more about the tower, its excavation and restoration, as well as some of the archaeological materials found there. The first floor is devoted to prehistoric studies of Banyeres de Mariola; the excavations and prospecting carried out in the numerous burial caves in the area have formed the interesting collection of lithic industry and ornaments in the showcases.

On the second floor there are vestiges from the Iberian, Roman, Islamic and Christian periods, with the most notable being the objects of daily use rescued from the Islamic site of Serrella.

The third-floor houses temporary exhibitions, as well as information on the archaeological sites of Banyeres de Mariola, and on the tower’s matacan, which can be accessed from this same room via a staircase.