Archaeological Museum Vicent Casanova

The Archaeological Museum of Bocairent, nowadays belonging to the local council, can be found in a building next to the parish church. Opened in 1970 it houses a large exhibition hall as well as a small adjoining room used as a laboratory, office and storage room.

A wide collection of objects, a majority of which have come from archaeological sites within the municipal boundaries, represent the long history of the area, starting in the Upper Palaeolithic and continuing to well into the Middle Ages.

Caves such as the Vinalopó, the Sarsa, the Jerra Cave and the Monja Cave, have provided the sources for many of the artefacts on display. From the Upper Palaeolithic there is a good collection of scrapers, chisels, sharpened tips, blades, flint chippings, a bone bradawl, and remains of fauna found in the Vinalopó Cave.