The Bocairent bullring is unique and singular for its originality as it is largely excavated in rock. The mountainous terrain configuration provides it of a peculiar distribution: from the street you can access both to the front door and corrals as to the presidential box. Its current capacity is 3,760 seats and is still used for its original use as much as for a number of festive and cultural activities. It has six corrals (also excavated in the rock), slaughter, nursing, and chapel.

It is the oldest bullfighting enclosure in Valencia, it dates from 1843. In addition, it must be noted that its construction is born from the severe crisis suffered by the textile industry, which was hegemonic in the town during the first half of the twentieth century. So, Mr. Manuel Lopez Rovira (who was born in Enguera although established in Bocairent, where  had a cloth factory), drove the work in order to remedy the existing unemployment.

Traditionally, this bullring has been considered a home of bullfighting and a trampoline to fight in more relevant places. For this reason, it has attracted the greatest figures of bullfighting of all time.