Castle of Banyeres de Mariola

The castle of Banyeres is located at 830 meters above sea level. It dates back to the XII-XIII centuries. It is a polygonal Almohad construction model finished off by a large tower.

The first news of the castle is on October 13, 1249, when King James I, granted the castle and Villa de Banyeres to Jaufrido de Loaysa and his wife Jacometa.

After Loaysa, several lords held sway over the castle and the town, the last being Jaime d’Artés, who would sell it to Bocairent in 1446.

The castle has led an anonymous life, with no significant events to mention, both during Bocairent’s dependence and since the regained independence in 1628 and the rest of the 17th century. During the War of Succession, which took place in 1705, the castle and the town were attacked by the Archduke’s troops. The loyalty shown to Felipe V in this war was rewarded with the title of noble, faithful, loyal and royal town, which currently appears on the coat of arms of the municipality.

A possible reconstruction of the castle would take place in 1803, according to the date sculpted on an ashlar stone located at the entrance of the large vaulted room.

In the second half of the 19th century its ruin was accelerated and two walls were demolished.

Today, the state of the castle is the result of a restoration, carried out in the seventies and eighties. Inside the castle we will find these rooms:

  • Homage tower
  • Weapons Courtyard
  • Cistern
  • Festero Museum Hall