Chapel of Sant Antoni Abad of Bocairent

Popularly known as “Saint Anthony of the Piglet or down below” (“San Antoni del Porquet o de Baix”), the chapel lies about a kilometre away from the town. You can get there by car after taking a left hand turning 800 metres along the road leading to Ontinyent, after which you must take the right hand asphalted path leading to the chapel. If you’d prefer to go on foot or by bicycle, take Mosén Hilari Street leading down to the Medieval Quarter from the Town Hall Square. Finally you’ll see the asphalted path that will lead you to the chapel.

Built in the XVI century by Augustine monks, it is made up of a single south-facing nave. The chapel has a rose window, through which a ray of sun shines illuminating the image of Saint Anthony on the saint’s day, every 17th January at five o’clock, in an wonderful natural spectacle. The entrance door, situated at the side, is framed by a round Romanic arch between two buttresses, above which there is a stone coat of arms and a ceramic tableau portraying the saint. On the wall beside the chapel belonging to the hermit’s house you will see a Romanic pantocrator figure of Christ also made of stone.