Chapel of Sant Antoni de Padua of Bocairent

The chapel can be found 5 kms from Bocairent on the 3.316 B-road, situated on the left hand side heading in the direction of Villena. By bike or on foot you can get there via the Canaleta font, which is in the new part of town, until arriving at the road along an asphalted path. If you cross over the road and take the old railway line you’ll end up at the chapel.

The chapel is in a privileged location surrounded by pine and cypress trees providing a fitting atmosphere. Built in XVIII century and rectangular in shape, its sides are constructed with masonry blocks, with buttresses surrounding the outside. Next door is the hermit’s house.

Since 1780 there has been a traditional fair celebrated over the weekend coinciding with the saint’s day. It was traditionally an agricultural fair and it is typical to buy turrón sweets and the famous candy cigars.