Chapel of Sant Joan of Bocairent

Originally built in the XIII century as a mosque this was the first church to be founded in the town. The belfry attached to the façade has a Gothic arch and is built of stones and mortar. Nestled in the corner of Saint John Street (San Joan), the chapel appears to form a gable end with the neighbouring house. Built to a square floor plan the inside is decorated with serrated mouldings, ceiling roses, and baroque drawings set against a blue sky. On the walls are allegorical images of the Virgin and Child, and Our Ladies of the Sorrows, of Carmen, and of the Sacred Heart.

The high altar is presided over by a baroque altarpiece with Salomonic columns. In the centre of the altarpiece you can read the following inscription: “Charitas me fecit. Any (year)1728“. Hanging on the left hand wall is an oil painting representing the crucifixion, and on either side are images of Saint Eloi and Saint Barbara. The chapel festival day is celebrated on 23rd and 24th June.