Chapel of Santa Bárbara of Bocairent

According to her devotees Saint Barbara is the patron saint of thunderstorms, and she has a chapel dedicated in her honour in the heart of the Sierra Mariola. You can get there by car having come off the main road from Bocairent to Villena and taking the secondary road from Bocairent to Alcoi (which passes through the industrial estate). After about six kilometres take a left turning when you see the large mansion house next to where the chapel is located, which is in a local beauty spot beside an ancient poplar tree. If you prefer to go on foot then take the same path leading to the chapel of Saint James and instead of turning off towards the chapel at the end, take the path on the left that starts at the last bend and keep on going up, passing by “els Teulars” and a little further ahead you’ll come across the chapel. Apart from making you feel at one with nature this path affords magnificent views of Bocairent in the distance.

As far as the chapel itself is concerned, it is the most recent of the nine chapels dating back to the end of XIX century and beginning of the XX century. Attached to a mansion style house, it comprises a single nave and porch. Its main door forms a semicircular arch. On the roof there is a belfry and bell tower, typical of Valencian chapels.