Festival Museum (Bocairent)

The Moors and Christians festival is an integral part of Bocairent and that is why this museum reviews its key events.

It includes a display of clothing, programmes of festivities, music scores, etc, from the nine existing groups and presents a journey through the history of one of the oldest Moors and Christians festivals, with graphic illustrations and educational material.

The festival is made up of nine filaes: Espanyoletos, Granaderos, Contrabandistas, Tercio de Suavos, Estudiantes, Moros Viejos, Marrocs, Moros Marinos and Mosqueteros.

The festive trilogy is the common one to all the towns that participate in the tradition of the Moors and Christians: The first day, Entrance of Moors and Christians; the second day is dedicated to the religious celebration of the Patron Saint, with votive mass and procession; the day of the Embassies, with shots of arquebus. And a fourth day with a mass of thanksgiving to the Sanctuary of Santo Cristo and representation of the “Despojo del Moro”. The Festival has its prologue on the eve of the Entrance, the Night of the Boxes, with the parade of lanterns and drum rolls, to commemorate the proclamation of Sant Blai as the Patron Saint of the town.