Other festivities in Alfafara

  • Fair and Festivals to Santa Cecilia
    Other typical festivals held in the town throughout the year are that of the patron saint of the town and musicians, Santa Cecilia, on 22 November. This festival is celebrated in November on two different weekends and the musicians are the protagonists of this one.
  • Mare de Deu de la Llum pilgrimage
    This pilgrimage is held on May 1st and its day of celebration is immovable.
  • Ambassador’s Day
    In this festivity the royal page receives the letters from the little ones to take them to their majesties the Three Kings of the East. This festivity is celebrated on January 1st.
  • Parade of the Three Kings
    The parade of the Three Kings is held to welcome their majesties the three wise men from the east. It takes place on January 5th.
  • Pilgrimage of Sant Antoni
    This pilgrimage is held on the weekend closest to January 17th.