Rupestrian Monastery

Old underground convent of nuns excavated in the mid-sixteenth century to which two convents of later construction were overlaid. It occupies an area of 48 m2 and has different units inside: entrance hall, chapel – with moldings forming the ceiling decoration carved with surprising accuracy-, dining room -dominated by the large conical fireplace 10m high- and bedroom, among others.

The story goes back to 1556 when Father Melchor Ferre decided to build a monastery for upcoming nuns dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows and Blessed Wise Kings. So, they decided to fence the site and dig a cave monastery. In March 10, 1556 six nuns came from the Convent of Hope in Valencia although they did not definitely occupy the monastery in Bocairent until October 10. In 1700 the rupestrian chamber was sealed up after one second convent was built up. In turn, this second monastery was also replaced by another building in 1902 which houses the current monastery.