Sanctuary and convent of Agres

It is one of the most emblematic and most visited places in Agres. The history of this convent begins on August 31st, 1484 in the city of Alicante. On this day a fire broke out in the Church of Santa María where, because of the fire, the whole altarpiece of the High Altar was burnt. In it was the image of the Virgin that disappeared through one of the windows of the Church behind the castle of Santa Barbara, an event that is witnessed by the sailors of the port. In the early morning of September 1, that same image appeared on top of an Almez in the ruins of Agres Castle to a shepherd who was grazing his flock there.

Tradition says that this shepherd, called Gaspar Tomás, was missing an arm and the Virgin, as a grace and testimony of her presence, gave it back to him. Joyfully he went down to the village and communicated the good news. This was the beginning of the great devotion to the Virgin of the Castle. From this apparition, a small chapel was built in that place, but it was in 1578 when the Franciscan Father Jerónimo Vidal founded the Convent of Franciscan Fathers.

Since then, the Franciscan presence in this sanctuary has been very important because they are responsible for the construction of the convent that exists today.