The chapel of Santo Cristo of Bocairent

The legend goes that in 1536 two young men dressed as pilgrims approached these lands. Gazing upon the looming hilltop, they thought it was ideal for laying out a Calvary footpath, exclaiming to everyone around them: “What a wonderful hilltop you have here to make a Calvary way”. It was not long before they were interpreted as heaven-sent angels, confirmed by the appearance of three brightly shining lights in the very same place where the chapel stands today. Born out of this legend comes the “Festival of Lights”, a celebration held every September.

The chapel is situated at a height of 730 metres and can be reached from the Town Hall Square by following the Stations of the Cross footpath. Just over the Roman bridge at the start of the climb you’ll come across “the Slide” (“La Esgolaora”), a slippery- faced rock, which every Bocairentine worthy of the name, has slid down. The chapel, constructed in the XVI century, contains three buildings: the hostelry, which was once a convent, the Chaplain’s house in the centre and the Gothic style church with the bell tower attached to it. An interesting couple of details are the sundial painted on the façade and the stone pantocrator figure of Christ.