Turballos, is a district belonging to the municipality of Muro. It is located at the foot of the southern part of the Benicadell mountain, at an altitude of 455 metres. The land is dry land of a regular quality and its cultivation is the olive trees.

At present it has 18 houses, a church dedicated to San Francisco de Paula and they always celebrate their patron saint’s day on the third Sunday of September.

It borders Muro to the north and west, Gaianes to the east and Cela de Nuñez to the south. It is connected to Alicante and Valencia by the National 340, kilometre point 807 and there are roads to the neighbouring villages.

The district of Turballos, is very singular by its aspect. Since it seems that the years have not passed through it. Its streets and houses preserve a particular and traditional style, no doubt it is a must for anyone who visits this area.

In the same district, in May, the Benicadell Festival is celebrated, this last one has been the V edition and it receives this name because it is located at the foot of the same mountain range. The activities that currently take place during this celebration are related to the environment and its sustainability.