Ethnobotanical and heritage route

Based on the memory of the citizens of Muro and its archive, as well as on new technologies such as QR codes and websites, we will take a tour of the path of the River Agres and the Villa de Muro. We will relate one of its treasures, the tiles, with the plant species that surround us, such as the Santos de la Piedra, where you will discover the success that it means they are still present. They will show us other patromonial riches of Muro, such as the hidden history of the Library or the function that was developed at the Bata and the Fumeral.

Along the route we will stop at the following points of interest:

  • Century-old olive trees.
  • Senda Font del Baladre – Fontanars – Rio de Agres.
  • San Antonio Chapel.
  • Fontanelletes fountain.
  • Tío Pep Park.
  • Fontanelletes Park.
  • The Fumeral.
  • Santos Abdón y Senén Tile.
  • Hermitage of the Virgin.
  • The Batà.
  • San Ramón Nonato tile / San Roque fountain.
  • Library.
  • Palace of the Seigniory.
  • Santa Rosa de Lima tile.
  • San Blas tile / Town Hall.
  • Virgen de los Desamparados tile.
  • St. Joseph tile.
  • The church / The Music.

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