PR-V 184 (Serra del Benicadell)

The route is made by the south and the west of the Benicadell going up to the same one, this route is a ring that begins in the Municipal Swimming pool next to the Braçal de Muro School and finishes in the same place. It can be done in both directions, that is, going up through Gaianes and going down through the Albaida’s harbour or vice versa.

It is recommended to go up through Gaianes. In order to shorten the route, two vehicles can be used, one is left in the port of Albaida and the other one in the Cruz de Gaianes, where in both places there is an information panel-caseta, and the walk can be shortened perfectly in one morning.

The route passes through: the camí del Almoroig, the explanation of the railway of Gandia, Turballos, Camino de Gaianes, the Cruz de Gaianes, we go up through the Calvary of Gaianes, Ermita de Gaianes, we continue by track until we arrive to the crossing of the path where there is a sign, take a path towards Coveta Llarga, a reference point where you have to pass very close, on the left of it, go up to the top where you can see the province of Valencia, meeting point with the PR-V 213. 3 and PR-V 222 that goes up from Adzeneta, look for the path on the right to go up to the Benicadell. We will pass by the Cava del Benicadell, then we will make a small descent to look for the way up to the Benicadell. Before going up to the Summit be careful because there is an unprotected well about 4 meters deep next to the ruins. We will go through the crest, a section with a little difficulty. Panoramic views. Arriving at the summit of the Benicadell.

When we go down we will take the same way of ascent, but we will not pass by the cave any more, we will take direction West to look for the house (ruins) of D. Miguel. Cavas of Carcaixent. We will pass by the same side, by the path to look for the Fontanars d’Albaida, from there to the N-340, and then by the ditch to look for the old N-340 and by the same to look for the Caseta Senabre where there is a fountain, village of Muro, school el Braçal.


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