Route of the districts of Muro – Ecological route

The route begins on the road to Setla de Nunyes, specifically at the entrance to the Municipal Sports Centre where there is an information panel on the route. This route goes through the Pedanías de Muro; Alquerieta Jorda, Benàmer, Setla de Nunyes and Turballos, passing by the Font del Baladre (recreational area). There are paths and tracks that go from one district to another, during the route there are some crosses with signs indicating the distance from one place to another.

The first district is 972 metres from the start, L’Alquerieta Jorda, at an altitude of 374 metres. We will pass by the only street with a length of 83 meters, and we will continue. After passing several crossroads we will find a sign indicating “Benàmer-Setla- Molí Pedro”, (if we decide to go to Benàmer (830 meters) the return is by the same way).

Benàmer, a name of Arab origin, is at an altitude of 360 metres and 1 km from Muro in the direction of Benimarfull. From the signpost to Molí de Pedro there are 285 meters, then comes the crossing of Alcocer-Benimarfull-Setla de Nunyes.

Setla de Nunyes is at an altitude of 386 metres and 1 km from Muro in the direction of Beniarrés, on the banks of the River Agres. When we pass through this hamlet we will see a sign indicating the direction to Turballos at 3,622 metres.

Turballos is situated at the foot and the southern part of the Benicadell Mountain, at an altitude of 460 metres. From Turballos we will go to the Font del Baladre which is at a distance of 3,653 metres and at an altitude of 450 metres.

The Font del Baladre recreational area is located on the bank of the Agres river, in the spot known as “l’Estret d’Agres”. From here, there is a magnificent view of the Mariola and Benicadell mountain ranges. Both mountain ranges are protected areas because they are of great ecological value and the connection between them is through an ecological corridor, where the final section of the route runs. This corridor is made up of a characteristic habitat, the riverside area and water areas, as well as a diversity of flora and fauna representatives.

The route runs through this corridor, passing through the spot called Els Fontanars, until it reaches the old N-340. Here we will take the bicycle lane until we return to the riverbank as indicated and we will continue walking towards the bridge of Camí Senabre and change to the other side of the river. We will cross a big “chopada” and see what is left of the iron bridge where the Xitxarra train used to pass. We will meet the bridge of l’Almoroig at the intersection of the old road of Turballos and continue along the other side of the river Agres until we reach the bicycle path. If we choose to go left, we will reach the Setla de Nunyes district and if we go right, we will pass by the Sierra Mariola Secondary School, Casa de Ferro and the centre of Muro.

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