• Ametles Ronyoses
    This sweet is common in the town of Cocentaina and consists of caramelized and air-dried almonds. That’s why it’s named after it, because when it’s ready it looks like it’s dirty, but we assure you that it’s delicious.
  • Ties and carvings
    Arrop i tallaetes is a traditional Valencian sweet. It consists of a kind of concentrated syrup (the arrop) made from very sweet, dark and thick grape must. During the boiling process some lime is added to the arrop to neutralize the acidity of the must. After the long boiling process, the following are added
  • Pumpkin
    A very typical recipe in the municipality of Muro de Alcoy is the pumpkin as in the corresponding period we will find this delicacy in any of the bakeries of the municipality. And the recipe is very simple because it is only baked pumpkin.
  • Carquinyols
    Delicious almond paste very typical of the area. It is a kind of dry pasta made with the biscotti technique, producing a sweet, hard and almond-flavoured toast.
  • Codonyat (Quince jelly)
    It’s a sweet prepared from the fruit of the quince tree. To make it, the boiled quinces are mixed with sugar and left to dry on a tray for a while.
  • Fabiola
    Crown-shaped cake soaked in syrup and containing grated coconut. A very typical sweet that sweetens and makes everyone fall in love with it.
  • Fig Bread
    This “bread” is made with well-ripened and dry figs. In fact, this sweet does not contain sugar as it takes advantage of all the sweetness of the figs.
  • Pastissets de Moniato (see recipe)
    There is nothing better at any time of day than a good, homemade sweet that has nothing to do with the industrial preparations to which we are accustomed. Natural ingredients, patience and the knowledge of the people of this region result in homemade sweets that are finger-licking good!
  • Pasteles de Gloria
  • Almond Rolls
    Almond rolls are never missing from any house in Banyeres during the Christmas season. They are rolls made with almonds and cinnamon. A good traditional sweet to cheer up everyone.
  • Lamb’s lettuce cake
    It is a coca (sponge cake) made with flour, sugar, eggs, oil, milk and grated lemon rind. This sponge cake is a very typical and common sweet throughout this area. It is also known as coca de llanda.