Main dishes

  • Baked Rice
    As its name suggests, this rice is prepared in the oven and used to be made with the leftovers from the stew. That is why this dish has ingredients such as chickpeas, pork ribs and black pudding. Valencian baked rice is a popular recipe, especially in the inland regions. Discover the gastronomic culture of the area and taste an exquisite, appetising dish with a unique flavour. A fusion of textures that will manage to wrap you up in an aura of sensations where rice will be the main protagonist.
  • Brothy Rice
    Brothy rice is very common in this area, as are many other rice-related dishes. Its ingredients are very typical for these mountain areas and all together form a perfect dish to warm up the coldest days. In these municipalities the most common is that it is made with rabbit, chicken, green beans, demijohn, red peppers and oil.
  • Blat Picat
    This dish consists of a kind of pot with different meat products, vegetables and chickpeas but incorporating wheat instead of rice.
  • Borreta (see recipe)
    In the Sierra Mariola the spoon dishes are hearty and nutritious, typical of mountain cuisine, stews without haste. It is an elaborated but simple way of cooking, with modest ingredients. A cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation. One of these dishes is the borreta, ideal for comforting the body!
  • Fassedures of dacsa
    This dish is commonly served with a good stew. Fassedura is nothing more and nothing less than a corn ball, kneaded with minced meat, egg and breadcrumbs. Delicious!
  • Gazpachos
    To speak of gazpachos means to speak of very common dishes in mountain areas around the province of Alicante. This is due to the fact that game meat such as rabbits or partridges was used to make them. Snails are also added to give them that authentic taste. All this is served on top of an unleavened bread cake which makes this dish a real delight.
  • Lies
    This reception is typical of Cocentaina. It is made with the same ingredients as Olleta de músico de Alcoy but instead of having beans, it is made with crushed corn. It is a mountain delicacy to eat in winter or for lovers of spoon dishes.
  • Mongetes
    This dish can be very similar to the Carraqueta since its preparation is very similar. We only have to boil the beans with water and salt. When draining them, we dress them with olive oil. A very simple dish that we invite you to enjoy.
  • Olleta (see recipe)
    Olleta is one of the most representative dishes of the area of Alicante and the interior of Valencia. Without a doubt, a typical dish that should be on our list of foods to try if we visit this area of the Comunitat Valenciana.
    It is a recipe with a high nutritional level, combining legumes, cereals, vegetables and meat. Its name comes from the container in which, traditionally, the olleta, the pots or ‘pucheros’ have been made.
    It is a traditional dish that resembles a brothy stew. A healthy recipe with an unbeatable flavour that will envelop you from the very first moment. Olleta should not be missing from your Mediterranean diet. Its taste will test your palate, which will experience an endless number of sensations.
  • Paella amb faves
    Another of the dishes made with rice that leaves our area is this one. It is a paella made with beans, artichokes, chicken and rabbit. A rice with a totally different taste and colour that will surprise you.
  • Stuffed peppers
    The pepper stuffed with rice is a typical dish of Valencian cuisine, and specifically of the towns of the Sierra de Mariola, Alcoy and Bocairent. To prepare it, it is fried with tomato, rice and meat (although sometimes it is replaced by canned tuna or white sausage) with which the peppers are stuffed and then roasted in the oven. They are served as a first course, whole with the “tapas”.
  • Puchero
    Puchero, as we call the stew in the villages of the Sierra Mariola, is one of the most complete dishes that exist and most comforting during the winter months. Next to the first dish, made up of broth and ball, two dishes are usually served, one with the meat and the other with the vegetables. And to finish off this dish, the ball, based on minced meat, prepared with parsley, paprika, a pinch of cinnamon and a touch of grated lemon. Then kneaded with egg, pine nuts and breadcrumbs soaked and well drained. A touch to round off the stew.
  • Masero’s Kidneys
    The main ingredient in this dish is tomatoes. In fact, it can be a very good garnish or a delicious starter because you just have to put the tomatoes in the oven, season them with oil, parsley and garlic and you’re done!