PR-CV 56 Trail – Racó Llobet

The route is carried out by the east of the mountain range of Mariola, this route is of a ring that begins in the post of the Red Cross of Wall and termia in the same place. It can be done in both directions, that is, up on the right and down on the left or vice versa.

The route passes through: the La Plana Tennis Club, crosses a bridge over the Alcoy-Játiva railway line. Following the asphalted road comes the Barranco la Quebrantada ravine and when you reach a barrier that cuts the road you will take the path on the right that passes through the Cigala caste. Crossing the old path we will continue until we come to the previous dirt road, which is wide. We will take the one on the right until we reach a fork, we will take the one on the left that takes us to El Magre farmhouse (house in ruins). Take the new narrow path to the Racó Llobet fountain, from there go up to the farmhouse of the same name owned by the Sociedad de cazadores de Muro. There is the crossroads that goes up to the Montcabrer summit and the hiking centre of Alcoy with a descent to Agres. We will take the wide path on the left that passes 50 metres from the El Xop fountain, then we will pass by the Boroná fountain. We will continue to take the already paved path, the one on the left that passes by a caste that is on our left. At this point we will take a path on the left that goes out to the asphalt and we will continue to the left of other casetas until the casta el Cipreret where the path is dirt but wide and the last casta on the path is the so-called casta del Dentista. Again a narrow path comes up and at the moment we have a fork to choose from, the left side continues the path without difficulty and on the right side goes to the Barranco la Escurrupania, a difficult section but one that any mountaineer with little experience can pass through without problems. Wherever we go, we will come out at the same place. We will pass about 80 metres from the Muro drinking water tank, where there is a fountain to drink. Following the asphalted road, we will go out to the starting point, the Red Cross post in Muro.


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